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Press releases: It’s about what you know NOT what you do

Why write about what you know when you want people to know what you do?

All too often companies approach PR thinking their agency will write press releases explicitly about what their organisation does and who they are, but the fact of the matter is journalists don’t care about who you are, or the services you offer – they care about what you know, and in particular the things you know that they don’t.


What do you know?

Regardless of what sector you recruit into, you know all about one thing – the people agenda. Which means you can discuss attraction, retention, skills shortages, pay gaps and the interview process, all of which are of particular interest to journalists for HR and business publications, but also for business journalists at national newspapers. Then of course there is all of the knowledge your consultants will have on your specific sector, issues that are impacting demand, and more generally, the sector as whole. Clients are often apprehensive to call themselves experts, but that’s exactly what you are!


How can you harness this knowledge?

All too often clients have reams of valuable insight but aren’t sure how to present it in a way that grabs a journalist’s attention. So what are the best ways to leverage your organisation’s expert knowledge to maximise coverage?


  • Conducting surveys can be a great way to position yourself as thought leader, you can ask your candidates or clients to answer a short survey via email and then use the results to add weight to your discussions on relevant topics
  • Leverage information from events and roundtables to produce white papers, not only can you distribute these to current and prospective clients, but you can produce blogs and press releases to outline your findings
  • Use data you already have, you can use statistics on vacancies, specific roles, or salaries to form insight for press release and guest blogs


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Katie McGuinness

Author: Katie McGuinness

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