Women in business

Women in business – less talk, more action please!

Marin Alsop to be the first female conductor at The Last Night of the Proms!

The gender balance debate is clearly a hot topic in the BlueSky PR offices if our most recent blog posts are anything to go by! But as someone who is embedded in the HR and talent management arena I couldn’t help but put forward my two cents on this issue.


Diversity has long been a desire most – if not all – HR professionals and even some business leaders strive for. But no one seems to know how to make it happen. I’ve been privy to numerous conversations among senior HRD’s from across the globe and the general consensus is this: current methods of addressing this aren’t working. Well that’s great, we’re all agreed then. But when can we draw a line under the conversations and move it all on?


The crux of this little rant comes from an unusual source: the Last Night of the Proms. Now I’m a bit of a classical music fan, but I have to admit I was shocked this weekend to have heard that in its 118 year history, 2013 was the first time a women has conducted on the last night. I think Marin Alsop herself explained my reaction perfectly: “I’m still quite shocked that it can be 2013 and there can still be firsts for women.”


This simple statement in my view sums up the entire women in business debate: why are we still debating it? Now I don’t claim to have all the answers, but how’s this for an idea: if a women wants to work in an industry or business then go for it. And what if at any point in their career they hit the proverbial glass ceiling or feel unappreciated because they are a women? Move on, I know I would! If an organisation still has prehistoric sexism then it probably isn’t somewhere you’d want to work. So let said company suffer the consequences of a talent shortage, they’ll soon realise what they’re missing!



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