Why you should be using the ‘rule of thirds’ in your social media strategy

One of the most common dilemmas facing marketers when it comes to producing a social media strategy is deciding on the content mix. What should you be posting? How many job posts is too much? Should you be sharing third-party news?

This is where the social media ‘rule of thirds’ comes in. It is a simple model used to ensure that your content is balanced and doesn’t lean too heavily in one direction – after all would you like it if your social media feeds were full of sales posts?

By implementing the rule of thirds into your social media strategy you will be able to produce content that is relevant, timely and engaging for your audience. So what exactly are these thirds? And what content should you be posting on your social media channels?

One third of your content promotes your agency and converts the audience

If someone is following your agency on social media then the chances are they already have an interest in your services and as such you should be promoting these.

However, don’t be too ‘salesy’ with these posts – ensure that the amount of promotional content is varied and not too pushy in tone. For example, rather than posting job vacancy after job vacancy, why not simply post a job of the day? Or produce a series of meet the team social media images which introduce your consultants to the wider social media audience?

The latter is not only a much more subtle way of promoting your agency’s services but by including a fun fact or two it is more likely to be remembered by a potential client or candidate.

One third shares curated content

Many marketers can be sceptical about sharing third party content but by getting an understanding of what content your audience consumes and curating it, your recruitment agency’s social media can also become a ‘go to’ for the latest news and insights.

To do this you should look at the sector and industry news sites of your audience and see what the biggest stories are that relate to their job roles and what trends could affect them in the future. Curating content also helps demonstrate your agency’s knowledge which can be a major differentiator for both potential clients and candidates.

One third is branded content

The final third is the one that should come easiest to agencies and is about showcasing your brand and the value you can add to clients and candidates. This should consist of owned content such as blog posts and careers advice hosted on your website, as well as earned content like press coverage and testimonials.

By demonstrating the credibility of your brand on social media you are much more likely to close leads and attract new followers.

The ‘rule of thirds’ will help shape of the key components of your social media strategy and provide you with an effective way of balancing your recruitment agency’s social media content.

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DanAuthor: Dan Stobbs

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