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Why the NHS is showing us how great PR can be

An impressive PR campaign encourages more blood donors in the UK © /©JoKalar01
An impressive PR campaign encourages more blood donors in the UK © /©JoKalar01

As, Os and Bs are disappearing from our Twitter names, street signs and most recognisable brands to encourage more people to donate blood.


As National Blood Week starts, NHS Blood and Transplant have launched an impressive PR campaign that centres on the hashtag #MissingType.


In an effort to replace more than 200,000 donors who cannot give blood any more, the health service have prompted removing the letters that make up the blood groups. The likes of book retailer Waterstones, chocolate company Green & Black’s and cinema chain Odeon have all dropped their As, Os and Bs in support.



National newspaper The Daily Mirror – which changed the masthead for the first time – as well as instant snack brand Pot Noodle and bank Santander have also joined in, calling for the 204,000 new donors needed to keep the UK’s blood stocks at a safe level.


Even the Downing Street sign has lost the ‘o’.


With such an important aim, it’s unsurprising so many companies and individuals are making this campaign a success.


Here at BlueSky PR, I’m just one of the regular donors. Natalie Bishop has given blood four times since nurses visited her sixth form to raise awareness and take donations.


“Even though I’m terrified of needles, my donations have always been so easy,” she said. “You’re doing something great, and you’re made to feel that way. You may be a bit apprehensive but you leave feeling like you’ve achieved something – it’s amazing that you can be a part of helping other people so easily.


My fifth blood donation - it's not scary!
My fifth blood donation – it’s not scary!

“It’s something we should all be doing as much as we can. Not only could you make the ultimate difference to another person’s life, you never know when it might be your turn to be helped out by someone else’s donation.”

Do something amazing


Each donation could help up to three people. This blood is critical to saving and improving people’s lives. That could mean patients with cancer, blood disorders, or perhaps those suffering medical trauma or undergoing surgery, for instance.


Tracey Barrett, one of the founding directors of BlueSky PR, said she has always felt very special when giving blood.


“Apart from the obvious feeling that you are doing something good, because of my size and weight, my blood was always used for what was called PD packs – specifically for paediatric use – it made me feel extra special,” she said.


With such an inspiring campaign, head over to to see if you’re eligible to donate, find your nearest session, register as a donor and book an appointment.


You could help fill in the gaps.

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