Surveying Clients

Why survey your clients?

Surveying ClientsWhen you buy something online from eBay or Amazon, use an online help desk or even when you get your car serviced, you will, more likely than not, be sent a questionnaire asking you to rate your experience.

I never tire of these questionnaires because, after years of evaluating customer/ client satisfaction surveys, I am always pleased to see a company that understands the value of feedback on its service delivery and performance.

However, client/customer satisfaction surveys should not be the exclusive domain of the online or B2C community. The feedback these surveys can provide is just as essential for owners and managers of any service provider who want to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are wondering what your clients’ think of your firm and the service it provides, then you should consider investing in a client satisfaction survey. If you still need convincing then there are 5 compelling reasons to survey your clients:

1. Your clients will appreciate it. They will see that you are trying to improve your service. Whether or not you receive positive or constructive feedback, your clients will appreciate the fact that you asked them. Acknowledging or implementing change in the light of their criticism helps you to build on the relationship and will hopefully increase client loyalty for the future.

2. It keeps you from guessing at what you are doing wrong.
“They will just say our fees are too high!” Not necessarily. Anonymous online or telephone questionnaires allow your clients the opportunity to give a full and frank appraisal of your service. You get the information you need and the clients have been saved any potential embarrassment during the process.

3. It gives you an opportunity to enhance your service.
Reaching out to your clients can provide you with insight into important features that might be missing from your service. Your clients may even make you aware of new value–adds or service concepts that you might not have previously contemplated.

4. It keeps you from coasting.
Quality customer service can mean the difference between retaining key clients and losing them to competitors who, appear to, value their custom more.

5. It makes for good PR
Ask your clients to rate your service in different areas and then publicize your high scores in your marketing materials. It gives weight and credibility to your statements about your service quality.

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