Where have all the grads gone?

graduateWe’ve read a lot of news stories lately saying that levels of graduate unemployment are high; it’s difficult to get a job as a graduate; or there are no opportunities out there for recent grads etc. In response to this, and as an organisation looking to grow and bring in new skills, we thought we would target the graduate audience with some new job opportunities.

So, over a week ago we started posting out adverts for three graduate recruits to come and join the BlueSky PR team using various graduate jobs boards, expecting a barrage of CV’s and applications. But to our surprise, the response has been lower than we would expect. So where are all the PR grads?

Now it may simply be that graduates no longer use jobs boards to find a graduate scheme, or even that students are too busy with their exams and coursework at the moment to be applying for jobs; or none of the above. All I know is that this is a fantastic opportunity (or three!) for someone who really wants to get stuck into the PR industry and develop their skills so shouldn’t be ignored.

And as the newest member of the BlueSky team I can certainly vouch for this. In the few months I have been here I have had access to some fantastic opportunities to develop my skills and really be part of an amazing team. So if this message in a bottle reaches any of you graduates out there, why not send your CV to for your chance to become a BlueSky PR team player.

Interested? Check out the full Job Description on our Join Us page.

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