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What’s next for Jack?

Jakc BauerIt was an emotional time for me last week as I watched the season finale of 24 and faced a future without Jack Bauer in my life – minus the Jack Bauer quote player that Adrian has on his desk in case we need an injection of his wisdom. Jack’s on the run again, so what’s he going to turn his hand to next? (Until they make the film, of course.)

This got me thinking that he could make a good PR person – here are the qualities that I think he could bring to a role in PR:

  • Crisis management – after saving LA, New York, the President and lots of people in between, there’s not much Jack doesn’t know about handling a crisis. Never distracted from the task in hand, he knows how to diffuse a potentially damaging situation and stay calm under pressure.
  • Innovation – when everyone is out of ideas, Jack always has a good plan. Clients would definitely value his innovative ideas and determination to get the job done.
  • Hard work – Jack can go days without sleep, or food apparently, so he won’t mind putting in the hours in the office.
  • Contacts – when it comes to the media, Jack can always get a story out fast to suit his agenda. And if he ever needs a favour he knows who to call. Relationships and good contacts are key in PR and Jack certainly has those.
  • Honesty – Jack is a man of his word, and in PR honesty is the best policy. PRs need to be reliable and you can always rely on Jack to keep his promises.
  • Negotiation and communication – being influential and a master of words is a key skill in PR and Jack definitely has a way with words.
  • Management – being in charge of a team would be no problem for Jack. He has led teams in highly challenging situations and always takes care of his people.

Sure he is also a trained killer, ex-drug addict and loose cannon, but we can brush over that. If Jack Bauer ever does manage to avoid the Russians and retire from CTU properly, I think he should certainly consider a career in PR.

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