What next for Facebook?

facebookThis week Facebook announced it had reached an incredible milestone, and with one billion active users each month it would normally be something shareholders would celebrate.  However, with share prices dropping and investors asking where the next billion users will come from, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘where next for Facebook’?

We’ve seen the social network grow from strength to strength, shared Mark Zuckerburg’s wedding and we’ve watched the movie. We’ve been there, done that and even bought the t-shirt!

So to stay at the top of the social networking food chain, it seems the site is moving into the commercial space. The new Facebook video advert, for example, may seem like a simple overview of what the network is all about; connecting people.

But, put your business hat on and look again. The advert stresses how Facebook can reach and bring together one billion users across the globe. That’s one billion potential customers they can put you in touch with. It brings together people with shared interests, allowing individuals to share reviews and spread your brands name – whether this be business to business or business to consumer.

With Facebook seemingly looking to challenge the B2B networks, such as LinkedIn, with new business networking apps like Branchout it seems that the way forward for the site is without a doubt the commercial space. What are your thoughts? Where can Facebook go from here?


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