What has happened to intimacy?

Photo: © Jean_Nelson 

81st Academy Awards, 2009No – I am not after marriage guidance but I felt compelled to write about an experience I had last night ( stop right there – that is NOT what I mean).  No –  last night I went to see one of my musical heroes Peter Gabriel at the O2.  And perhaps this is a tell tale sign that I’m getting on a bit but I just wanted people to stop concentrating getting their camera settings on their phones just so in order to take endless pictures and video to share with their friends – and instead just listen and experience the music…and then remember it …in their heads.


 This got me thinking about technology generally and the candidate experience.  So while I found it incredibly useful to be  able to book my ticket for the concert online – once I was there and didn’t really want technology getting in the way of my enjoyment of the concert.  And if  I was applying for a job – while I would appreciate the technology that allowed me to do that quickly and efficiently – once I had done it I would expect some level of human interaction.


There is always room for process – but with signs that the market is turning – how many candidates can you honestly say have had a really good experience.  While during the recession  you may have had  a high a volume of candidates that you couldn’t help – did you actually add any value to them?  Did you for instance point them to a suite of advice guides that may give them some pointers.  Or did they get a standard we cant help you e-mail – or worse no reply at all.


I still have some great pictures of that  Peter Gabriel concert  in my head.  What picture of your brand have those candidates got in theirs?




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