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Want to be successful in PR? Then READ!

There are a number of core skills required to be successful in the PR game. I’d say being able to identify a story when you see one and who might be interested sits quite high on that list – along with being decent on the phone, understanding your market and being able to write.
60079_reading-groupThere is, in my opinion, one activity that will help you to develop, or build on, these skills – reading.
It’s common consensus that those who read extensively are most likely to be adept at communicating well and it definitely carries over into the PR world.
It might sound obvious, but not only will extensive reading improve your skills with quill in hand – it will give you a much better chance of understanding where the story is in a press release (or, for me, research document), as well as giving you a better idea of who to pitch to and how you might be able to pique their interest.
So for those taking their first steps in the industry, I’d have one tip. Read more.

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