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Want PR for your recruitment firm? It’s about what you know – not what you do!

In my (far too many) years in recruitment, I have read hundreds of press releases written by recruitment firms – and nine times out of ten they are about what the firm  does – not what it knows! Journalists don’t care about what you do – they are interested in what you know.

So, what do you know?

The people agenda – that’s what! You know about whether pay is going up or going down and why.  You know about skill shortages – and what’s driving them. You know about talent pools and where to find them.  You know about global comparisons, diversity in the workplace, the future of work,  and employability.

In short – you know a hell of a lot!

And people are interested! If you look at the annual PwC survey of CEOs that comes out every year, it will tell you one of the major things that keep business leaders awake at night is the attraction and retention of great talent.

And who knows about that – you do!   Recruiters are in a fantastic position to be able to talk about and comment on the issue around the people agenda.


Five tips to make that happen!

  • Use your data – you all have loads of it so look at how it can be sliced and diced to compare skills/pay/gender/regions
  • Leverage the intelligence you get from the events you run – develop a white paper to create some thought leadership
  • Write advice pieces that add value – the top five soft skills needed by today’s jobseeker for example
  • Piggyback what’s already in the news – how will it affect talent
  • Surveys – do some! Publish opinions of your clients and candidates


Plus – all this lovely press coverage will give you fantastic credible content to utilise in your content marketing strategies.


BlueSky PR can provide your firm with tailored advice and PR support.  Why not get in touch with the team today to find out more.

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