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Using LinkedIn? Then use it properly!

LinkedIn UpdatesIt’s all very well registering on LinkedIn, but if you don’t use it correctly then you may as well have saved yourself the time and not bothered at all.  It still amazes me how many people fail to spend the time filling in their profile properly.  So why is it so important?

If you want to appear in searches, be accepted as a group member or connection then an incomplete profile is not the answer! It’s that simple.  Take for instance a group. You find one, it has people in it that you want to connect and discuss industry topics with. You request permission to join.  You’re not accepted. More often than not it’s because the moderator can’t see who you are, and what you do from your profile headline. They don’t want to have to click on every potential member’s profile to see this so they don’t accept you and move on to the next person.

So what’s the answer? Here are a few tips to make sure your profile is optimised:

  • Make sure your headline includes your specialism.  Tell people what you do, and for whom – it is this information that someone will initially see, so make sure it persuades them to connect with you! And remember, your job title is not necessarily the best option. Here’s an example.

Specialist in PR and communications for the recruitment sector social media for recruiters

  • Use keywords in your summary and specialities section – think about what words people will use when searching and include these. This also a good place to really sell yourself as an individual or business so add as much information as you can.
  • Use your status update regularly. These are very search engine friendly and will also appear on the news feed of your connections, as well as second and third tier connections if others ‘like’ it. This will highlight your profile amongst many industry professionals.
  • Use the website area. Link to different areas of your website, this might be testimonials or a case study section.
  • Photo – add a picture of yourself. People like connecting with a person, not a logo or a blank space.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be in a much better position. You’ll show up more often in searches, you’re more likely to be accepted as a group member, and you will help link up all aspects of yourself or business.

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