Unmarketing & sexy thinking – my take on Jobsite’s Fresh Thinking event

I had the pleasure of being one of the guests at  Jobsite’s Fresh Thinking event on Wednesday. I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I see myself as fairly social media savvy and so wasn’t sure that I would learn anything new. What I forgot was that sometimes you may not learn anything  new – but you  learn how the apply the things that you do know in a different way – and Scott Stratten  certainly did that for me.  Some of the takeaways for me were:

People spread awesome not average: Which made me think about  the blogging schedule we have in our own organisation – and how I berate  people when they don’t blog – or tell me that they don’t know what to blog about!  And that by doing that I may be actually stopping the spread of our content. Slapped wrist for me!

We can be dismissive:   New things are coming onto the market all the time – some will look like a pile of crap ( as Scott pointed out  the company that created Farmville has just been valued at $8 billion.)  The point he made is that if  it is consumed then it’s worth looking at just to investigate whether it can be of any use in terms of your clients. And crucially – you have to be where your customers are.  You may hate Facebook – but it depends who you are trying to reach!

Twitter is an entrepreneurial water cooler ( I just liked that qote)

Don’t be an app tart – give options – people may not want to go through an app!

Scott has delegated everything in his business except making relationships – I’d like to get to that!

I’m now reading his book – and I’m hooked !

Next up was Amanda Hite  who talked  about the importance of realising that brands don’t own communities  they need to be part of them – and they may need to join different communities depending on what their objectives are. And one of the big takeaways for me was her take on the whole ‘time’ issue. Yes – social media takes an investment of time – but it can also save so much time and give you what Amanda calls “Superpowers.” You can get advice within minutes, you can connect with someone within seconds – you can carry all your business contacts around with you in your pocket – and talk to them whenever you want.

She also made me think about how brands should be using social media to find out what their communities want from them – and letting the communities drive the communication. And what of research? There are focus groups on line all the time so use them.  Amanda gave the example of an organisation that had spent an enormous amount of money on an employee enagement survey, the results of which could be pretty much replicated by looking at social media profiles! Food for thought!

Another great point that she made was that when organisations ban their employees from using social media then they are only sliencing the people that will says great things about them.  The people that are going to diss you will do it anyway!

But the real takeaway – and one that will stay with me for a long time is when she began talking about how we can change lives using social media – from multinational communities raising funds for Japan to a community in Alabama using Facebook for lost and found items after a bout of tornadoes.  Communicating with thousands of people across the world at the same time is something we just can’t do offline. So Amanda thank you for making me think about building our social capital by doing something good!

Oh and  the breakfast pastries and  lunch were both fab

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