Case study: Twenty Recruitment – getting coverage people actually read

The company

Twenty Recruitment is one of the world’s fastest expanding independent recruitment businesses. In January 2009, while the recruitment sector was suffering from the effects of global financial meltdown, Adrian Kinnersley (Managing Director) and Paul Marsden (Chief Executive) were rewriting the rule book and setting up the next generation of recruitment business. Twenty now has eleven business streams covering three industry sectors, a global client base and has launched in New York.

The challenge

Following its launch in New York, Twenty was keen to raise its profile through thought leadership articles but was only too aware that the US media space is an enormously crowded one and, consequently, that gaining attention from the desired audience would be a major challenge.

The solution

BlueSky secured a commission for Adrian to contribute an article to, one of the top US community sites for in-house recruitment professionals.  Within a few days of publication the piece had been shared 979 times on LinkedIn, was the subject of 300 tweets, and received 105 Facebook likes. There were also 78 positive comments on the site. So why was it so successful?

Well, firstly, the article was written around a topical issue that was of direct interest to the readership. The headline of the piece – ‘Why LinkedIn Will Never Kill the Professional Recruitment Industry’ – was a bold statement, given that the effect of LinkedIn on the sector is a key issue at the moment.  Adrian also linked to another article and argued against it to create an immediate atmosphere of challenge and debate.

The use of key words was also important, not only in the heading but throughout the text. ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘recruitment’, for example, are great in terms of SEO. At the same time though, the article wasn’t overloaded with searchable terms as this can actually have the opposite effect.

After the article was posted, BlueSky worked with Twenty to get best use of its own channels to promote the piece and encourage its followers to read it. It was tweeted out multiple times in different ways, and a blog was written off the back of it to further push it out. Not only this, but Adrian engaged with the readers, either by replying to positive comments on the article, or expanding on points to further get the message across.

What the client says

“It seems to me that it’s not that difficult to get something published somewhere on the internet these days. But what really counts is to get into the right media with material which your target audience will take notice of, read, engage with and recommend. That’s how you get real ROI from PR. And BlueSky knows exactly how to make this happen.”

Adrian Kinnersley, MD – Twenty Recruitment

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