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Top PR challenges for business schools and universities

We recently ran a poll asking business school and university PR and communications professionals what the most challenging aspect of their job is.


The results – top PR challenges

  • Writing impactful press releases
  • Achieving top tier coverage
  • Pitching research
  • Arranging international meetings for senior faculty


Writing impactful press releases

Our top tips:

  • Have a clear objective when writing and distributing a press release
  • Where possible keep it under 400 words
  • Use a headline that grabs a journalists attention straight away
  • Don’t be afraid to be controversial
  • Ensure the first line relates directly to the headline and gives the main take away
  • Work on the basis that if a sentence or paragraph doesn’t tell you something or develop the story then strike it out
  • One quote is enough – this is your opportunity to give your release context and personality


Achieving top tier coverage

Top 3 tips on how academics can get the most media coverage for themselves (and their school)


Pitching research

Best research in the media 2016


Arranging international meetings for senior faculty

How to develop an international PR strategy

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