There’s no PR in Politics

Here’s a fact, true of any company. If you employ press advisors and comms people, but get zero good press, somebody is not doing their job properly.

So, today we learn of Alan Johnson’s unfortunate personal problems and resulting resignation. And Andy Coulson resigns as head of comms for David Cameron in one of the most drawn out and predictable stories of the political year (I didn’t need to tap any phones to be absolutely sure he would resign over this sooner or later). Another day, another raft of broadly negative press for British politics.

Is it just me, or are political parties really as hideous at PR as they seem? I know that they are under constant public and press scrutiny and that a bad-news story is inherently more interesting than a good-news one, but I can’t remember the last bit of good press any of them got.
Surely not all of their policies are complete rubbish? Surely there are a couple of days a year when there isn’t some private scandal? Surely, with the amount they spend on press advisors, they could scrape together something positive for the press to write about every now and again. Surely!?
Or is it a lost cause? Is there literally nothing good to say? Are there rooms of comms people all over Westminster banging their heads against walls? Are they all crying, ‘Please Dave/Nick/Ed give me something to work with! I can’t make this sound good! It can’t be done! Silk purses! Sow’s ears!! Please!’?

If that’s not the case then there should be some jobs up for grabs for all us PRs in Westminster (and I bet they pay well). If it is the case, then it’s (another) fairly damning indictment of the people who run our country.

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