The PR epidemic – forgetting video

videoVideo-sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo have made it easy for companies to have a dynamic presence online. Despite this, many companies still don’t use the medium to its full potential.


A good example of an organisation using video to attract stakeholders to their platform is Digg. Digg is a technology news aggregator that aims to feature the best videos the web has, to share with its audience. But Digg also has a blog and a content-rich website that attract an audience to their products. The Diggnation show is a weekly ‘’tech/web culture show’’ hosted by Alex Albrecht and Digg founder Kevin Rose. Diggnation is classic thought-leadership content as it’s not just about Digg and its products. The show proves to be very popular because it’s easy to understand.

Why is video an important PR tool?

David Meerman Scott makes a compelling case for using video to communicate with your stakeholders in his book The New Rules of Marketing and PR. One benefit of producing a video for your organisation is that the media, bloggers and others in a position to name-check you on their platform, tend to like to watch videos to get story ideas.


He recalls receiving a letter from a student who attends the University of Pennsylvania. She explained how she chose to apply to UPENN because of this video she saw on YouTube – she fell in love with the university before even having a chance to visit.



This story is certainly not unique – organisations are looking for your services right now. They go to Google and the other search engines and they ask their friends for advice.  Frequently what they find is a video. Will you be in it?



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