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For some social media enthusiasts it may seem unusual for someone to say this, but there are still the nay-sayers out there who do not recognise the real power of Twitter. Indeed, I often find myself explaining why this social media platform is such an incredible tool to engage with audiences across the globe. In order to really prove the point I want to refer to a very unusual example: Sharknado 2: The second one.


You may think that the heatwave has finally affected the team here at BlueSky PR, but bear with me. For those of you that haven’t heard of the franchise (where have you been?), the Sharknado films are perhaps one of the most hilariously outrageous movies that I have certainly seen. But, despite the appalling special effects, acting and storyline, both films have been a resounding success (and yes I will admit I am a bit of a fan).


In fact, the premiere of the second film, produced for and aired by the Syfy channel, drew 3.9 million viewers on Wednesday. This is 183% more than the previous one – an incredible feat for a budget straight-to-TV film. So how did it achieve this success? It could be argued that the power of Twitter was a major factor. In the lead up to the movie’s debut, the Syfy Twitter handle was full of teaser tweets and links. On the day it premiered, Sharknado 2 delivered 1 billion estimated impressions for “Sharknado” Twitter conversations and was one of the top hashtags trending on the site.


It would appear, then, that with the right engagement online, almost anything can be successful – even a film that I’ve heard described as ‘so awful it’s brilliant’.



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