The one thing every PR consultant should remember


Results are all that matter. Really.


You can be great in meetings. You can sell your product better than anyone else. You know your market. You’re good on the phone. You can write a press release (there are still many, many that can’t). Your pitches are dynamite. And you’re cosy, cosy with all the right journalists.


But unless you get the press coverage that your clients pay for, all of the above becomes immaterial.


The most important thing to remember in PR ©
The most important thing to remember in PR ©

This might sound obvious, but I hear too many stories from clients and others in the industry about how they paid for some big, slick PR firm to ramp up their press exposure only to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about what they were going to do and how they were going to do it – but then failing to get any real results.


Often it costs the client a fortune and they come out the other side with a rather dim view of the PR industry.


The thing that strikes me is that a lot of PR’s seem to spend an awful lot of time working very hard at the wrong things – and significantly less time on the very things that will make them successful.


So, results matter. And your client doesn’t really care how you achieve them – just that you do.


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