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Story-telling madness


We all love modern communications channels don’t we? Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc, etc, etc – fantastic. The only slight problem about them is the sheer amount of noise they produce. The fact that, at least, sometimes, you feel you are spending your life in a room of very opinionated and, all too often, boring and ill-informed people shouting at the top of their voices.


What we seem to be losing is the real art of engagement. Which is a bit of a pity because any channel of information is only as good as the way it’s used.

So how do you engage effectively?


Last night I forked out the princely sum of £27 (expense no object here – I know how to live) to spend two hours listening to Suggs, the erstwhile front-man of the band  ‘Madness’, do a little bit of singing, but mainly talk. And mainly about himself. Which really should have been rather boring, but was absolutely riveting and entertaining because he can tell a story.


And that’s what we need to remember. That one of the most powerful ways of communicating and engaging is by building and delivering a story. As we’ve been doing effectively since our ancestors sat round fires in caves . So perhaps we ought to get back to it. Instead of shouting rubbish at each other in 140 characters.


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