Social media – who and how to get involved?

I recently spent a day at one of our clients discussing their use of social media and how to get the whole team involved. And a great day it turned out to be, with an enthusiastic team all positive about the social media being utilised and with some great ideas going forward.

But what happens if your team don’t get involved, don’t see the point or there is conflict over who should be involved? A recent survey featured in PR week found that of 250 marketing heads, one in five believed that social media should be controlled by a business’s IT department. In my opinion this is nonsensical but does show an interesting point. There is often confusion on the issue. A company needs to clearly define who is to be in control and relay this to all staff.

In our experience in the recruitment sector, for a social media strategy to be effective you need buy-in from the whole team. And whilst this might not mean that every consultant is tweeting or blogging it does require them to understand why you are using it and to promote it. But is it as simple as this? No! Telling someone to be enthusiastic won’t cut it. If you want your team to be involved and encouraged by social media you need to explain it, and more importantly show them the benefits.

In the recruitment sector, results are target driven and your success is often shown by the number of candidates you place. Social media on the other hand is different. Of course if you are using the likes of Twitter and Facebook as a way of posting job vacancies then this is also results driven. But what if you are using social media to highlight your brand and get your name out there? In other words as a PR tool?

In this case show your team how you are using different social media platforms – is Twitter being used to highlight your recent press coverage? It’s all very well getting coverage but shout about it and get your consultant to do so too. A team needs to understand that by promoting your company on a blog, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter is a way of highlighting what you do to a huge audience, which you may not reach otherwise. If this results in more candidates registering or more clients giving them positions to fill it is worth their time and effort.

A few hours explaining this to your team will prove beneficial. And you never know it may result in some of your staff setting up their own social media channels to promote your brand!

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