Social Media Tips: Twitter

In our last newsletter, we handed out some tips on how to use LinkedIn to help grow your recruitment business. This time, we’re looking at how Twitter can also serve as a great way to find and engage with both clients and candidates.

  • Fill out your Twitter bio and upload a picture. A profile with no information can put off potential followers. People like to know they’re communicating with a human being, so it’s important to say who you are and what you do. It also helps to link to your website in order to instantly build traffic there.
  • Twitter is about engagement and adding value to your community or followers. Therefore it’s wise to have a separate account for a jobs feed. It’s hard to interact with clients and candidates when they have to scroll through hundreds of jobs to find your last “proper” tweet. Clients might also find it off-putting to have their feeds clogged up with information that isn’t relevant to them. Regularly mention your jobs feed to give candidates the option to follow that account too.


  • Don’t follow hundreds of people before you’ve built up a proper following or people might think you’re a spammer. Twitter is about conversation, so listen as much as you talk and build up relationships as you go.


  • Promote your Twitter account by including it in your email signature and adding a Twitter button to your website as well as adding links on your other social media sites such as Facebook pages or LinkedIn. That way current clients and candidates can find you at the click of a button.


  • Populate you page with a few inspirational tweets before you start following people. You only get one chance to make an impression on new followers so two or three tweets showcasing your knowledge is an advantage. BUT, don’t post these all in one day – spread them out over a week or to minimise suspicion!

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