Social Media Tips: Google +

In our last newsletter, we handed out some tips on how to use Facebook as a great way to find and engage with both clients and candidates. This time we’re looking at how Google + can help to grow your recruitment business.

There’s little doubt that Google+ has had a phenomenal start with over 90 million members and it looks like it’s set to stay. With the launch of Google+ business profile pages, all companies from small start-ups to large corporations will be utilising these profiles to build their online connections. The latest social media contender gives companies a platform to share and connect with  existing and potential customers in more creative ways such as photo and video sharing, blogging as well as status updates.


Google + provides you with ‘Circles’ to help group together people to share content and engage with based on common interests.  This has a huge benefit for the user as they can divide content between personal and professional interests. From a brand perspective, this is an incredible opportunity — the more specific you tailor your message to a group, the more likely that group will respond and engage with you.

Host a ‘Hangout’ session

Google + allows you to host a ‘hangout’ session in which you can connect with a group via a webcam for feedback or conversations. This interactive option gives you an opportunity to reach your connections on a more personal level.

1+ button

The 1+ button can be added to your websites and blog and is excellent for increasing your ranking in Google search. It is similar to the ‘like’ button in Facebook but with the added benefit that this Google plus one button will help your articles and blogs to rank and come top in the search engine results.

Maximise sharing

Sharing is easier in Google+ so you need to share good quality content in your profile in order to thrive in this social networking site. Share news and information about your company through videos and photos and other engaging formats.


Unlike Facebook, Google has prohibited the use of contests or promotions on its business pages resulting in the need for a higher level of engagement. This adds even more value to engagement with your connections, so make sure you interact with your groups.

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