Social Media Tips: Facebook

facebookIn our last newsletter, we handed out some tips on how to use Twitter to help grow your recruitment business. This time, we’re looking at how Facebook can also serve as a great way to find and engage with both clients and candidates.

  • When setting up your Facebook page, make sure that you create a company page rather than a group. This will allow you to gain likes for your page and more importantly a page enables greater interaction with your followers, and the ability to add applications (jobs and Twitter feed for example) that a group cannot.
  • Populate your page with all your company’s relevant information as it is important to say who you are and what you do. Add links to your website, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles in order to instantly drive traffic there.
  • Use a mixture of media to brighten up your profile. This almost goes without saying, but adding multimedia makes your Facebook profile interesting and attractive. Add photos and videos as well as text to showcase what you have been up to.


  • Promote your Facebook account by including it in your email signature and adding a Facebook button to your website as well as adding links on your other social media sites such as LinkedIn pages or Twitter. That way current clients and candidates can find you at the click of a button.
  • Don’t simply feed jobs into your page; add content that is engaging and relevant to your audience. Followers will find it off-putting to have their news feeds clogged up with information that doesn’t interest them so make sure your updates are appealing and significant.
  • Encourage participation. Facebook is a two way platform so encourage people to talk to you too. Post questions or competitions which are of interest to your followers.
  • Monitor the account and respond to any queries quickly. If you ignore a comment or question for too long your audience are unlikely to stay engaged.
  • Pick the name of the page carefully. The company name isn’t always relevant, instead consider the search terms people might use to find you, for example, Construction Recruitment UK.


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