social media gurus – tru or false!

I was motivated to write this by reading some tweets from @mattalder – always an insightful tweeter and blogger, a true social media expert and occasionally grumpy old man ( no offence matt – you are probably younger than me!) He has been commenting recently on the amount of ‘social media experts’ there seem to be out there these days – but as he quite rightly says – to quote him word for word : “It’s doing my head in, so you can use Twitter, big deal what value have you created for companies with your “expertise”?

Matt has absolutely hit the nail on the head here – and it is something we have blogged about before, giving some concrete examples of twitter successes.

However –  while Matt is a true expert – see his website ( anyone who has listened to him speak or read his blogs will know that he really does know what he is talking about) what I’m more interested in is how so called ‘social recruiters’ who have built a huge profile on twitter and through doing so, have associated themselves with real experts can then purport to be an expert themsleves when their own businesses have actually failed owing large sums of money.

Hmmm – beware of false prophets perhaps!

2 thoughts on “social media gurus – tru or false!”

  1. If Twitter is good for one thing (and it’s actually good for at least a couple of things in my experience) it is that there do seem to be an amazing amount of self-appointed social media gurus around. Undoubtedly Twitter is a good platform for self-promotion, indeed I have got a fair bit of work from it, but i think the key for me would be the need to remain true to ones self, for, just as quickly as Twitter can build you up I am sure it can knock you down if you don’t play by the rules or deliver what you preach. The resultant fall from grace could be quite spectacular as there really is no hiding place, as Jan Moir discovered not so long ago.

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