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Social media – a mum’s perspective

social mediaSo there I was – I had just about managed to get over the emotional draining of my 11 year old’s leaving assembly from primary school ( which included a back catalogue of all the kids from age 3 upwards on a big screen set to Greenday’s Wake Me Up When September ends…sob) – and now I was waving him and his 13 year old brother off to scout camp for eight days.

They were off to Cromer – no mobile phones allowed so no contact. Now I knew in my heart of hearts that they would have a great time but it still doesn’t stop you worrying!!

Then – 2 days after they left I received a facebook invitiation from 10th Harpenden Scouts. I was intrigued and then when I clicked through, the first thing I saw was a picture of both my sons building a biovouac!

The leaders posted photos, daily updates and little anecdotes for each day of the camp. And the scouts themselves gave camp reports each day. It was really wonderful to share in all the great stuff they were involved in – swimming in the sea, backwoods cooking; gutting mackerel and smoking it on the campfire.  They even posted photos of all the scouts being made to clean their teeth!!!  And best of all – as a mum I saw photos of my kids living out of doors and having an absolute ball ( …sob again)

What a fanatstic use of social media – thank you 10th Harpenden – you are stars!

They came back yesterday with all their washing…….enough said!

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