Snotty stereotypes – why must we use them?!

Apologies in advance for a potentially un-festive blog post, but I have something I’d really like to get off my chest. I’m very anti-stereotypes, whether they are personal or industry related. One negative action from one individual or business should not, in my mind, impact the reputation of the masses.


The PR and recruitment industries are prime examples. For public relations, the perception that all PR’s are involved in spin-doctoring (we’re really not) or spend their time wining and dining journalists (I wish!) is simply untrue. Likewise, the recruitment sector is often considered as a bullish industry focused on financial targets and little else – often to the detriment of candidates and clients. Again this is just not the case for many.


The clients we work with all have one thing in common: the commitment to delivering good quality service to all stakeholders. They have a number of glowing recommendations and case studies (trust me they are true – we do most of the interviews for these ourselves!).


Imagine my distaste, then, on hearing the latest Kleenex radio advert (bear with me, this is relevant I promise). In this short clip, a voiceover dictates the story of a candidate who, on the day of an interview, wakes up with a stinking cold. As a result, her speech was affected, with words like ‘thank you’ sounding more like ‘dank goo’.  The advert goes on to say that, while some may find it impressive that she’s created a new language, the recruiter was less than impressed…


In my view, this final statement was simply unnecessary. A good recruiter would not judge a candidate because they are ill. While I understand an advert is meant to grab your attention, do we really need to be subjected to these stereotypes? Surely there is a more creative – and indeed impactful way to get the message across?



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