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Should businesses expect students to leave school ready to work?

apprenticeshipOnce again the debate surrounding school leavers employability skills has hit the headlines with business leaders warning that schools have turned into nothing more than exam factories. Now I don’t necessarily disagree with this comment – in fact I would have to say I do think this rings true. But not because schools aren’t developing the business skills in students. No, I believe this is true because the onus is actually on organisations to develop this in students.


I for one am of the opinion that if there is a problem that needs fixing, fix it! To change the entire education system to suit the needs of every business is nigh on impossible. Not only would any adaptions to the curriculum be a lengthy process, but also with so many varying business styles and requirements, I don’t see that there could be a one-size-fits-all solution.


So instead, why not turn the problem on its head and address the training process within organisations? Not only would this provide organisations with talented individuals that are specifically trained to fit their niche requirements, but it will also help retain top talent.


I think it’s time the business community responded to the warnings they are continuously publishing regarding school leavers with action. Who knows, maybe the education system will learn something from them.

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