Sheen-watch demonstrates the power of social media

I’ve been monitoring the ‘progress’ of Charlie Sheen, Hollywood hell-raiser du jour, with growing interest for the last couple of months. It was increasingly clear to me that he was losing his marbles and that surely his lifestyle would catch up with him and everything would end in tears. So far, so Hollywood – seen it a million times.

Of course, in recent weeks, the media attention surrounding his private life has ramped up significantly with tales of his firing from his tv show, his children being taken away from him and lurid story’s about his relationships with various ‘goddesses’, as he puts it.

But as the media interest intensified, and criticism and accusations flew around daily, Sheen has increasingly been taking control of all the outlets available to tell his side of the story. And with staggering success. 2 million Twitter followers within a week is the marquee accomplishment, but he also has his own hit You Tube channel and has seen thousands of applications for his viral job ad for a social media intern.

As a result, Sheen is being portrayed as a hero by many for his ‘alternative’ lifestyle and views on how life should be lived – so long as you’re him (It’s simply too dangerous for mortals….).

It strikes me that without his (or his teams’) grasp of the power of social media, he would soon be another forgotten Hollywood star gone wrong. But he won’t be.

The way things are going, I see increased fame and (more) untold riches over the next few years.

If he survives, that is.

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