Securing meetings for your faculty abroad

7 steps to securing meetings for your faculty abroad

As institutions strive to become ever more visible around the world and business education programmes become increasingly global in their teaching, business school faculty are required to spend greater amounts of time on the road.


Whether accompanying MBA students to emerging markets for international study trips, attending overseas recruitment events or speaking at industry events, such excursions provide the ideal opportunity for communications teams to raise the profile of their institutions – and their faculties – at a local level by sharing their expertise with local media.


But securing the chance for your professors to sit down with the most influential titles in the country can prove to be a more of a challenge than it is at home.


So in an environment where your faculty are relatively unknown, where your school’s brand carries arguably less clout than it does locally, and faced with short time frames, tricky timezones and languages barriers how can you give your faculty the best chance possible of getting in front of the world’s media?


How to secure meetings for your faculty with journalists abroad

  1. Plan early
  2. What is the purpose of the trip?
  3. What can they talk about?
  4. Why should journalists care?
  5. Do your research
  6. Don’t be difficult
  7. Be realistic


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Wildfire Volume 2. Issue 2. 

In this edition you will find analysis and advice from the international team at BlueSky Education for optimising your interaction with the media, including faculty opinion and research expertise. Our feature story provides insights on ‘fake news’ and why this presents an opportunity for higher and business education.



  • Why ‘fake news’ is good news for business school communications – The world is crying out for truthful content
  • 7 steps to securing meetings for your faculty abroad – Overcoming challenges overseas
  • How not to do it – Lessons from elsewhere
  • Increasing International Exposure – Topical coverage – the motherhood penalty
  • Faculty interview – Transforming interesting insights into distinctive stories
  • Why you should be familiar with the research you’re pitching – Increase your chances of securing quality coverage
  • Don’t do that, do this – What top education journalists really want from bschools and universities


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