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Saying no to Ham

‘Tis the season……to be called 200 times a week about Ham, apparently…. something to do with us having a very similar telephone number to a well-loved Christmas ham company.

Here at BlueSky towers we do our level best to please and are responsive to most new business enquiries – but, after extensive cost/benefit analysis and consulting with the top industry experts, we have decided to draw the line at requests for Christmas hams.

And don’t think we haven’t looked into the potential upsides:

1: Studies* have shown that ham is good for office moral.
2: Ham in the office would negate the need to continue purchasing the Ham scented Glade plug-in.
3: We wouldn’t have to disappoint the many hundreds of people who phone up for ham every November/December.
4: We would be breaking the effective monopoly that *un-named Christmas ham agent* has clearly built in our absence from the marketplace.

However, despite these huge potential wins, we simply don’t know enough about ham and are afraid that there is some kind of ham mafia that we don’t know about. So, with reluctance, we have decided to focus exclusively on the provision of high quality PR services – both at Christmas and throughout the rest of the year.

Good news for those in the recruitment, HR and higher education markets. Bad news for ham-lovers everywhere.

Happy Christmas!

*Study conducted by the UK Ham and Pork products council

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  1. Strange but true, if you transpose the last two digits of my home number you’ll get the fancy dress shop in the High Street. Consequently we often get calls with orders for dresses, trousers & coats. Bluesky-Fashions?

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