Remote working – love it or hate it?

work from homeAfter a week recuperating from surgery, I’m back working. The difference though is that due to being unable to drive I’m working from home. Of course, this is not unusual; plenty of people work from home permanently or from time to time. Whilst I have worked from home on the odd occasion, most recently when the snow caused chaos to the road networks – it is not something I usually do.

A few people I know have commented on how lucky people have it that work from home – although most of these have a pretty long and often stressful commute into the office every day. I have an easy 20 minute drive to the office each day, which may help explain why I have come to the conclusion that working from home on a long term basis is definitely not for me!

Whilst the nature of PR involves a lot of writing and at times a quiet environment is needed, I like the atmosphere of an office and the interaction that comes with it.  So after working from home for a week, here are my top tips for those who find themselves in a similar situation:

  • Set yourself up a space to work from – this may be your study, the kitchen or dining table. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that setting up camp on the sofa will allow you to have a productive days work!
  • Structure – when at home, it’s easy to sit at the computer all day without a break. As you would in the office, take some time for lunch whether this is going out for a walk or watching a bit of TV – just don’t subject yourself to the likes of Loose Women or Jeremy Kyle!!
  • Keep in contact with the office – it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own little bubble when at home. Have regular contact with your colleagues and keep in the loop.
  • Meetings – just because you are not working in the office that’s not to say you can’t still be involved in meetings.  Suggest to your colleagues that you join the meeting via a conference call number. And if you have a scheduled client meeting, find out if you can do it via a call or try to rearrange, don’t just cancel without providing a solution.

Whilst working at home is not so bad for a week, I’m certainly looking forward to getting back into the office.  So what’s your opinion? Do you prefer working from the office or the comfort of your own home? Let us know below.

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3 thoughts on “Remote working – love it or hate it?”

  1. Glad to hear you’re recuperating and keeping busy Steph. Working from home is a good half-way house while you get back on your feet. Personally though, it’s an essential part of what I do. Being in recruitment often means working unsocial hours and extensive travel. I’m fine with both those, but only when there’s balance – for the simple reason that I don’t want to be just a weekend Dad.

    I’ve been working from home on a regular basis for over a decade now, which I realise is a lot longer than most organisations have been open to the idea. Like you, I found the lack of office contact to be key, especially when working as a team. What really brought it home though, was watching the England rugby squad improve over the duration of a tournament as they spent intensive time with one and other.

    I played around with the idea for a while, then blogged it – hope you find it useful – and thanks for sharing your views!

  2. Thanks for your comment James. Great blog post – thanks for sharing. I think being disciplined is key, and having regular contact is a must especially if you work from home on a permanent basis.

    For those that have a family working from home probably plays a large part in the decision to do so, and technology makes this very possible. Who knows what the future holds, but for now i’m happy working in the office with the ability to work at home on the odd occasion i need to.

    Thanks again for the comment!

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