Recruitment – is it really that bad?!

Whilst browsing Facebook earlier this week, I noticed that a Facebook friend of mine had joined a recruitment orientated group. Seeing as though I read and write about the subject all day, I clicked the link to have a closer look at the group, entitled “How did I end up in recruitment?” You might have guessed from the name that it’s not exactly a forum for praise about how great recruitment is. Here are a few examples.

Description:  If you aren’t sure how your dreams of having a “career” ended in this way, here is the group for you. Now pick up the phone, it’s core hours!

Recent group news: Numbers continue to decline – the only explanation for this is Recruiters topping themselves, or changing jobs, but most likely topping themselves. I know it’s tough out there for most of us, but I think we need to spread some optimisim, so here goes: You don’t have to work in recruitment forever! Apparently MI5 thinks recruiters have valuable transferable skills, so there is hope for us all!

Pictures: I think this picture sums it up!

I don’t think I need to continue… Now obviously this group isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but is recruitment really this bad? Seems like more consultancies need to look at their motivation strategies!

P.S. For all you readers who class yourself as “old school” recruiters, here’s a comment from the group that you might like: “I’ve just taped my own phone to my head and thrown my chair out of the window, I’m feeling old school.”

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