Recruitment and corporate image…yawn!


I look at loads of recruitment websites – and loads of recruitment brochures. And most of them are deadly dull. Now I know, as someone who has a lot of involvement in producing content for such things, that’s a pretty controversial statement. But it’s true.  And it’s mainly because a lot of recruiters all say the same thing. Leaders in our field, passionate about client service, yadda yadda yadda.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but recruitment is and always has been a people business. And we all know that people buy from people, and, to coin yet another over used phrase,  that people are your greatest asset. But because of the paranoia surrounding staff poaching, recruitment websites rarely talk about the people who work there.  And then I saw Aquent’s website. What a breath of fresh air – at last a recruiter who bases their own image around their own people.

It may not be to everyone’s taste – but it’s different and fresh and innovative – and no – I haven’t had anything to do with it (more’s the pity).

And what of brochures? I’ve written copy for many over the years but have they had their day? I’d love some feedback here. Do you use them? Do your clients read them? And what’s the most important thing about them? Is an on line pdf enough or do clients want something they can touch and feel. Comments please!!

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  1. Hi Tracey, thank you for the compliment about Aquent’s website. Our decision to drop our job board and focus on our recruiters’ (agents) personal interaction with customers was a radical, yet strategic and necessary one. Lack of personal interaction is doing our industry no favours and it was time to do something different. Candidates are tired of applying to jobs via recruitment websites where their applications disappear into the ether and they never hear back. Because most recruiter websites don’t show who their people are, and candidates don’t know who to contact/follow up with and don’t even know if the job is still open or even whether it existed in the first place. On Aquent’s site, you’ll see real agents with photos, with detailed profiles and multiple ways to contact them – even via their social networks. Our interaction with customers is now totally transparent and we find that we have a far more satisfied customer as a result.

    On the subject of brochures, we used to use them but have now opted for digital PDFs which can be updated and emailed/printed easily, however we rely more and more these days on the content of our web site to help sell our services to both candidates and clients.

    However, not surprisingly, we find the best way to sell our services is to get in front of our clients and talent, provide as much consultation and value add as possible, and form lasting partnerships with them. No brochures required for this 🙂

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