Recruiters – if you are not with the REC are you dodgy?

rec-member-logo-largeAccording to an article I read today on the Recruiter website, Kevin Green is attributed with a quote I had to read twice to make sure I had got it right. Speaking at the Institute of Professionals’ annual awards he apparently said: ” So from tonight we say firstly to all the payroll, umbrella companies and the dodgy non REC recruiters, we are going to shine a bright light on your dubious practices and expose you to the world.”

Hmm – so if you are not a member of the REC you are dodgy.  I’d be very careful Mr Green. We are not at the stage  yet where membership of a trade association is compulsory- nor are we at the stage where there is only one choice.

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4 thoughts on “Recruiters – if you are not with the REC are you dodgy?”

  1. Azmat Mohammed – MIOR • I have read the Kevin Green article in Recruiter in which he uses the term “dodgy non-REC recruiters”. As he has capitalised ‘REC’ it is reasonable to assume he is saying that non REC members are all ‘Dodgy’.

    There are many reasons you may not wish to be part of the REC, for example IOR members, people who are not interested in membership bodies, those who have had a bad REC experience and are disenfranchised with the REC etc. IOR members are part of the fastest growing body that is operating at the highest standards in recruitment.

    The REC quotes 3500 company members, that’s less than 1/3 of the industry based on some industry stats. The REC says there are 100,000 individuals in recruitment yet only 6000 are individual members of the REC/IRP, that’s a huge 94% of recruiters not interested in being part of their body. Are they all dodgy?

    Of course not, it’s a ridiculous and offensive statement and (based on the OfQual debacle and my own conversations with REC management) I would suggest they look inwards first. This is not a great way to attract non members to join a body.

  2. I think it’s great that Kevin is going to shine a light on all dodgy recruitment businesses that aren’t members of the REC.

    Presumably before he does this, he’s going to also turn his beacon of justice towards REC members like Hays, Anders Elite and Fusion People, all of whom were found guilty of price-fixing a couple of years ago and fined over £30 million.

    Unless of course price-fixing isn’t deemed as dodgy behaviour? It’s hard to tell these days.

  3. Perhaps Mr Green is forgetting that one of his predecessors, Gareth Osborne, was ejected after allegedly fixing the REC’s own election results.

    Perhaps he’s forgotten how I related to him that Gareth Osborne was unwilling to take any action after I reported to him that the Colin Peacock the Operations Manager of agency with the Quality Mark, Abacus Education, wanted to shop his own MD for taking money for CRB checks but not doing them.

    Perhaps he’s unaware of what happened when I reported to John Dunn, the chair of their Education Committee, and Bob Wicks when I met them both together, that Select Education staff were not seeing all candidates face-to-face as required under the REC’s Quality Mark audit. I had the names of 2 teachers who’d mentioned this at Roc Education (where David Millard, who ran it then, was incensed that rivals like Select were being allowed to cut corners just because of their value as members of the REC – and he’s been far from alone). Neither John nor Bob wanted to know the teachers’ names nor the consultants involved.

    Of course we shouldn’t be bogged down by semantics, but it all depends on your definition of ‘dodgy’.

  4. We are not with the REC but couldn’t be, even if we wanted to be, because as far as I am aware, by REC rules, suppliers are not allowed to be members. We provide, payroll, invoice funding, and award winning and quality certified back office services. We are audited regularly and ensure, for example, that Temps are paid and that their tax and NI is always paid in a proper and timely manner.

    Implying therefore that “all payroll” companies (that cannot be members because of REC rules) and all “umbrella companies” are dodgy, is really most unfortunate.

    Wouldn’t it be good if the industry had a trade association that promoted the recruitment industry publicly and positively, whilst at the same time quietly working to force out “dodgy” dealers and thereby improving both the public perception and the real integrity of the industry.

    Perhaps Mr Green was misquoted? I do hope so.

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