leverage your PR coverage

Recruiters – do you leverage your PR coverage?

Investing in PR is key for recruiters who want to boost their brand in the eyes of their clients, candidates and even potential employees for themselves – however that’s really only half the story. What should recruiters do to really leverage your PR coverage and make sure that great article isn’t quickly forgotten?


Got press coverage? Use it.


We’re always saying to our clients that using PR coverage is essential. Why make that investment if all you do with the coverage is send it to your proud mother or maybe tuck it away in a folder on reception? PR can establish you as a credible and respected commentator in your field – so make sure you shout about it! And not only that, the chances are that whatever you are talking about in the media is going to be of interest to your audience, so sharing this information will be of benefit to them, and they’ll remember you for it.


Share your PR coverage


With the boom in social media it’s easy to spread information at the touch of a button, so maximise on this. Put the coverage and/or a link to it onto your blog, tweet about it, Facebook it, put it on LinkedIn – not only will all your connections see it, some may pass it on to their network too. There are plenty of examples of how stories can spread virally and your news is no exception. And don’t forget to put it on your website too (just be aware of copyright rules).


But don’t just share coverage amongst management and marketing – make sure it is shared with everyone in the team. It can boost motivation and arm everyone with some useful collateral. If a recruiter is in contact with a client or candidate and the company has had a nice mention in the press, they should flag it up. Email the link or mention it over the phone – it will be informative for the recipient, whilst boosting your credibility.


Leverage your PR coverage


In the same way, PR can be key when it comes to winning new business. One of our clients was pitching to recruit for a big Financial Director role, however he was last in on a Friday afternoon so the odds were against him. Nevertheless he began the meeting by showing the client an article we had ghost written in his name in one of the heavyweight publications in his sector. The client had in fact read the piece the day before, it automatically boosted the tone of the meeting, he won the business and made the fee – that’s a direct return on investment. Turning PR coverage into media packs that consultants can use is therefore another great idea.


So all in all, PR isn’t just nice for your ego – if used properly it can lead to increased credibility, more business and to future PR opportunities which you can use to start the process again!


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Originally posted on Greg Savage’s ‘The Savage Truth’ blog 

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