Roger Tweedy Q&A

Q&A with Roger Tweedy, Head of Communications at APSCo


Why do you use PR?


·         Public relations is the art of engaging stakeholders through the media and influencing opinion. This makes it an essential part of the marketing mix for any trade body.

·         In today’s socially connected world, public relations is more important than ever before.  A single well placed tweet can be worth more than an entire advertising budget.

·         Public relations is usually our most cost-effective form of marketing.


What would your advice be to anyone looking to introduce PR into their business?


·       It’s usually a good move – especially if you’re anticipating important activity (such as product launch or business growth)  or facing a potentially controversial or sensitive issue.

·       Choose your PR partner carefully – they need to understand your sector and have a proven track record.

·       Share your business and communications strategies so they understand the bigger picture – and communicate with them all the time!


How do you measure ROI?


·         ROI is certainly important but there are more ways to measure it than just a pound for pound immediate return.

·         PR is about building your brand identity, keeping your competition out of the spotlight and cultivating useful relationships for your company.

·         This might seem more intangible than a set of numbers to be crunched, but it can be essential for your company’s success.

·         Having said that, set clear and measurable objectives for your PR partner and monitor progress regularly.

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