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Q&A: Simon Lythgoe – Head of Marketing at Ochre House

ochre houseWhy do we use PR?

The nature of our work means we are naturally a very content orientated company, which we use to position ourselves as thought leaders and to get our brand in front of industry spokespeople.  We use PR as one of our primary channels to disseminate this material and expand our proposition in order to support networking events, think tanks and to build our business development tools.

How do you measure ROI?

On a basic level we measure our PR in social media interactions, increases in web traffic and the number of blog reads. However, what is key for us is our share of the market voice on leading industry topics. As such we monitor and analyse our coverage – and that of our competitors – to ensure we are leading the debate.

What would your advice be to anyone looking to introduce PR into their business?

My first comment would perhaps be to ask why they aren’t doing it already! I would, however, advise anyone looking to implement PR to ensure they have a co-ordinated approach which sees everyone working towards an agreed strategy. Using an agency is also valuable as it gives you access to channels you previously wouldn’t have been able to reach.

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