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PR opinions on topics in the business press

Getting in on the conversation is a well-trodden means to gain media coverage. This piggy-back method by responding or talking about key issues on the news agenda can be a highly productive. It can help to enhance reputation or credibility by showcasing the client’s knowledge and expertise in fields at the centre of the news agenda.


The list of subjects and content is almost endless and can range across a multitude of issues in the news, from leadership and organisational change to cyber-crime and whether robots are taking over from us.


To achieve results and get the opinions out there in time does depend on knowing your business school or organisation’s faculty or experts, so that the response is in time.


The news agenda is fast moving. What is news in the morning may have passed by once the afternoon has arrived.



It could be around leadership


Certainly at the time of Donald Trump’s election there was an opportunity to voice reaction. Andy comment or insights had to be new and different and from an acknowledged expert in that field.


Leadership is one theme that repeatedly raises its head. Anything from politicians to football managers. How an issue could have been handled to achieve improved results, or it could be the psychological approach or the impact to the decisions leaders have made. The scope is considerable.


Change management


Organisations are regularly in the midst of change or reorganisation programmes. It could be there is a news story on this issue. Most business schools are likely to have experts or research around this to allow them to be presented for interview or comment.




We’ve seen recently the impact cyber-crime can have on the National Health Service in the UK and other organisations around the world.  This offered the opportunity to put forward relevant experts. But as I mentioned before what they are going to say has to have the ‘wow factor’.


Artificial Intelligence


With the rise in technology other issues that regularly on the radar are Artificial Intelligence and robotics. Are we being taken over or will man still have a job to do? Only today there was a news story on this and I’ve been able to connect one of our client’s professors to this very subject. He assures us, we (that is us humans) will still be needed.




Further to this, casting an eye to the future sustainability is a regular news topic, whether it is climate change, world events or the many elements both physical and human that affect lives.


Here again, I’ve had experts with that niche area of knowledge or research that I’ve been able to call upon to gain strong comments and coverage.




So the news agenda offers that perfect opportunity to gather prestigious coverage.  What’s happening in the news at the moment that you could share your expertise on?



Author: Chris Johnson

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