tube strike

Please stop moaning about the tube strike

With all the bleating and whining on social media about the tube strike you’d think half of London’s commuters have to walk across the Arctic tundra to make it to work rather than find an alternative method of transport for two days. The moaning has reached breaking point for me, particularly when there’s an incredible amount of transport options available to commuters.


They could get a bus, which should be close enough to a cylindrical metal tube to fool many commuters. They could get the over ground train which travels through 22 of London’s 30 boroughs and is within 15 minutes walking distance to 30% of Londoners. They could even travel through the air courtesy of the Emirates Air Line which is accepting travel cards during the period of industrial action. There’s also the option to hire a Boris bike, or get someone else to cycle you about by taking a rickshaw across the capital. Commuters could even follow the lead of these innovative gentlemen who rode across London on horseback yesterday, although this may be an option that’s not available to everyone. If you’re truly desperate and the transport links by air, rail and river don’t take your fancy, you could just drive (although it might be better to walk).


What I’m trying to say is there are plenty of options open to commuters that provide an equally good if not more enjoyable service than taking the tube. Commuters should seize the opportunity to escape the cramped cylindrical pipe they find themselves crushed into every weekday morning and experience different modes of transport for a change. How much more pleasant would it be to take a boat ride down the Thames to work than to get pushed about on the underground? They may even find they like it.


The same can be said about PR. Too often organisations focus on one channel at the expense of the many others that provide an equally good, if not more effective medium for getting a point across. By widening the scope you’re opening the possibility of reaching new audiences and growing your customer base and it seems a waste not to exploit this. We live in a modern world where communication is possible through so many different mediums and it’s about time PR took full advantage of the range of options available to it.


So why not utilise video or mobile technology to increase your audience? You could even do it on your boat ride to work.



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