Peace and quiet


The telecommunications revolution. Don’t you just love it? Thanks to the web and email and Skype and all the rest we can and do deal with clients and journalists in almost every corner of the globe. Assuming a globe has corners, of course. We can get hold of clients at the top of ski-lifts, writers in the back end of nowhere, partners and co-directors in bed or in the bathroom. Fantastic, yeah? But is it?

Along with 24/7, anytime, anywhere access we’ve lost that time to think things through. Fail to reply to an email or a phone message for more than 15 minutes  and the mailer or caller will assume you are a) a slacker b) dead or c) a dead slacker. But hold on a moment. What if what you are actually thinking through the best way of dealing with the issue at hand. And will consequently come up with something much more effective than if you had leapt into action without any proper consideration. Particularly if you are like me and get some of your best ideas at the most inappropriate times. But let’s not go into that. Time to build in some of what James Mackintosh called ‘masterly inactivity’. It’s the future guys. Trust me on this.

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