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Every year the PR industry looks for ways to piggy-back the holiday season. And every year for as long as I can remember one of the chief ways of doing this has been by banging out press releases that warn how burned out we become by not taking our full ration of vacation. And, of course, it’s not just good enough to take your leave entitlement – you need to switch off completely by turning off your data, ignoring emails, not looking at the news, spurning calls, etc, etc.



Now while that sounds great advice in theory I’m starting to wonder how useful it is in practice. Why? Because I’ve just returned from what should have been a hugely relaxing break on the Amalfi Coast – Sorrento, Capri, Positano and all that lovely stuff – which has left me feeling more tired and stressed than when I went. Of course part of that would be because we took my partner’s two teenage sons with us (enough to finish anyone off), but also because I actually really like and care about what I do and if you cut me off from it I eventually get bored and frustrated. OK it might sound a bit sad, but how much sitting around a pool or on a beach can you really do without getting restless? Sorry, did you say a heck of a lot? Alright, perhaps it’s just me. Catch me after a couple of days back in the office and perhaps that pool will be looking rather good after all.


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