Marketing numbers will stop the misunderstandings

Marketing numbers will stop the misunderstandings

Write a blog post they said.


Introduce yourself as the newest member of the team they said.


Maybe share some of your top marketing tips they said.


I’ll start with the easy one. I’m Andy Jones, Marketing Manager and BlueSky PR’s latest recruit.


I’ve spent all my career in sales, marketing and communications in sectors as diverse as cars, policing and even netball. It’s fair to say I like variety. Away from work you’ll usually find me at the gym. You won’t though, find me pounding a treadmill or pumping iron. You’re more likely to find me in the spin studio or a group exercise class.


Marketing tips?


Well I have plenty, which I’ll share over the next few months.


Not being one to follow the herd though, I thought I’d start with some observations on marketing in general.


In all that career variety, one thing has remained constant and that’s what people wrongly think is marketing. Search for marketing jobs on some recruitment sites and you’ll know what I mean.


Marketing is a term often hijacked to cover anything from cold call sales to graphic design.


“The department of blue skies and sunny days”, “Tuppenny-ha’penny leaflets and big agency lunches” are just two of the jibes I’ve heard from non-marketing colleagues over the years. The cause was never helped by the oft repeated quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”


I usually introduce myself by saying, “I’m not a pink and fluffy marketer”, in an attempt to deflect any requests to design a logo that someone then claims is a brand (it’s not).


For me marketing is all about the numbers


If you want to understand the value marketing and PR bring to your business, knowing your marketing numbers and measuring return on investment is vital. This applies whether you’re a marketer trying to educate sceptical colleagues or a non-marketer wanting to understand what marketing and PR does for your business.


In today’s data rich world, there’s no shortage of ways to measure your activities and no excuse for saying half your budget is wasted. The secret is knowing which marketing numbers make a difference to your business.


Marketing and BlueSky PR


In my short time here at BlueSky PR, there’s been no talk of fancy rebranding exercises or crazy PR stunts. Instead, the focus is on helping clients achieve their marketing numbers and understanding ROI.


If you’re a misunderstood marketer or maybe even that sceptical colleague who wants to know which marketing and PR numbers will make a difference to your business, get in touch and find out how BlueSky PR can help you.


Author: Andy Jones


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