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Why love your marketing department?

Time and time again I hear recruitment marketing professionals tell me that they don’t get buy in from their recruitment consultants and are often perceived as a cost to the business rather than an investment in it.


So why should you have to like and share all the content your marketing team produces on LinkedIn? And why do they nag you to write blog posts and get involved with the market updates and client collateral they produce? It’s really quite simple – all these activities will help you make more money.


Businesses are looking for recruiters who know their market inside out – those who can source the very best talent. And candidates are seeking a firm which can find them a job that suits their career aspirations. But you need to be on their radar – and your marketing department can give you all the tools to do just this.


Still not convinced? Then try this experiment out on LinkedIn over the next a month.  Every time your marketing team posts something, like and share it, repurpose into a blog for your own LinkedIn publishing platform and then share this frequently via your own status updates.  Watch how your profile views go up over this period – I can guarantee they will! Find out who these people are and engage with them – you’ll likely build up a candidate talent pool and potential new client list.


So next time your marketing team asks you to get involved don’t see them as a nag, get involved, get blogging, get liking and sharing and you’ll see the positive impact it has on your personal brand!



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Author: Steph King

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