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Is trial by TV the best way to pick an employee or business partner?

Business Partner

So it’s that time of year again and Sir Alan is back on our screens with The Apprentice together with his motley crew of helpers and a bunch of fame seeking upstarts many of whom couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag. So although this is entertainment and many of them deserve everything they get, is trial  by television really the way to recruit a business partner or employee? I think not.

An interesting piece in The Evening Standard the other week made this very point.  Written by Lucy Tobin, the piece highlighted another Apprentice lookalikey show called The Intern which pitted unemployed youngsters against each other to win ” the job of their dreams”.

Now while these kids knew what they were letting themselves in for they were a million miles away  from the fame seeking upstarts on The Apprentice- these were kids without jobs – some of whom were reduced to tears by the  actors set up to test them.  And let’s not kid ourselves.  The TV production company didn’t make this programme out of the kindness of their heart to  help the unemployed youth of today – they  made it to get viewing figures and earn revenue.

As Lucy Tobin says at the end of her piece:   “Jobseekers should not be exploited – TV style auditions have no place in the recruitment process,.  The humiliation of those trying to do nothing more than secure employment ,tn needs to stop.”

Hear Hear!




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