Is there too much focus on technology in recruitment?

technologyI recently attended a meeting with one of our clients where a group of boutique and specialist recruiters were discussing changes being seen in the sector. They highlighted the importance of building relationships with employers and candidates, and how simple things, such as picking up the phone instead of emailing can really make a difference.

However, they recognised that recruitment is constantly evolving. There used to be much more of an individual service, for instance delivering CVs personally, but now there is a greater focus on process and efficiency. It’s often more about finding candidates matching the job description quickly, when actually this isn’t always enough.

This conversation came to mind when I was reading a recent BBC article on the increased use of technology in recruitment. Face-to-face interviews are frequently only being seen in the final stages of hiring, and ‘applicant tracking systems’ are being used to analyse CVs, with the aim of being less time consuming. But have we forgotten that the ideal candidate is not necessarily the one with the best CV?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take advantage of new developments. Social media platforms, for example, are a fantastic way to interact with your audience if they’re used in the right way. We encourage our clients to engage by posting useful advice on the channels and avoid being too self-promotional, which allows them to be seen as experts in their field and attract candidates. But the key is to understand that the use of technology isn’t the answer for everything.

It’s possible to become too technologically advanced, and we’re in danger of forgetting about the methods that worked so well in the past. A personal approach is still needed in recruitment and PR to ensure that clients and candidates feel valued. And, ultimately, we want the right people in the right roles, which requires a balance between the use of technology and human contact.


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