Is PR a must have or a nice to have? Attend next week’s Recruitment Agency Expo to find out!

BlueSky Rec Expo NorthWe all know that the recruitment market is crowded. In order to keep up with, and overtake your competition, you need tools to help differentiate yourself. And one tool at your disposal well worth considering is PR. Now you may be reading this and thinking that a professional working in this area telling you you need PR is nothing more than a sales pitch, right?  Well in an era where PR is not just simply about getting press coverage, but rather creating compelling and original content that can be disseminated through your available channels, there is so much you can be doing yourself.

The trick is knowing how to shape messages that create impactful content. So if you haven’t already registered, and are interested in finding out, why not come along to the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham next week? I’ll be presenting on both Wednesday and Thursday and my challenge is to show you how PR is absolutely a must have if you want to position yourself as a specialist in your field.  I’ll be covering:

  • What PR really is?
  • Creating content via interesting research and blogs.
  • How you can make the dull interesting.
  • How to disseminate you messages through the press, but most importantly via online channels.
  • Whether you using social media to the best effect? And if not how can you do so?
  • The difference in reach between online and offline PR tools.

For further information on the conference and to book a place at my seminar click here.

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