optimism vs pessimism

Is it really as bad as we think?

optimism vs pessimismIn Britain, we always love to see the negative in things don’t we? When it’s raining, we’re complaining, but when it’s sunny we’re too hot. Instead of being excited that the Olympics are on home ground, we’re moaning about the chaos it’s going to cause. And as much as we look forward to going on holiday, there’s always so much to do before we go, and loads of washing when we get home!

The newspapers seem to reflect our pessimistic view. If we think back over the last few weeks, what do we remember reading in the headlines? Europe’s in a mess, bankers get paid too much, unemployment’s rising. And maybe that’s more to do with our attitude than anything else – we like to read about bad news. It gives us something to moan about.

But the point is, it isn’t all doom and gloom out there. In fact, interestingly, I read an article yesterday that said confidence is key to lasting global economic recovery – pessimism needs to fade. And I think this is true. We should take a more optimistic approach to things because, if we don’t, we won’t even notice when things improve.

We’re coming up to the fifth anniversary of the start of the financial crisis and, yes, the state of the economy isn’t great, but it could be worse. This is the general consensus that has come out of the client meetings that I’ve been to lately; it’s not as bad as everyone makes out. In recruitment, on the whole, we are seeing positivity and improvements. Generally, markets are starting to move, and it’s looking encouraging as margins are holding up and growth is being forecasted. But, of course, this hasn’t made the front page.

Maybe, for a change, we should focus more on what’s going well for us rather than what isn’t so good. We need to alter our outlook if we are to pull ourselves out of the recession – things can only get better, but they’ll only get better if we do something about it instead of grumbling. So, it may not look like it outside, but it’s summer so think positive and smile 🙂


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