I couldn’t agree more, Mr Sartre

SartreWhen well-known Gallic philosopher/writer, Jean-Paul Sartre, came up with the phrase, “Hell is other people” , he very likely wasn’t commenting on the problems of talent planning in an SME. Far too busy quaffing red wine, smoking Gauloises and womanising was good old Jean-Paul. But the famous phrase does strike a bit of a chord in sunny Hertfordshire. Here we are in a rapidly growing PR company doing some really good work with great clients, both in the UK and overseas, yet finding the right people is a constant, migraine level headache. PR companies in London seem to be falling over people queuing up on the pavement. Out here it’s like finding the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’. Yet London is rubbish. Crowded, dirty, expensive, an underground system that hasn’t been properly updated sine the day it opened, useless, over-priced pubs, miserable, over-stressed commuters….and these are just the good bits. And here it’s lovely. I can see fields out of the window. You can drive to work. People say hello in the street. It’s like the Shire out of ‘Lord of the Rings’ (except people are a bit taller). So stop giving me an ulcer. Come and work here – it’s brilliant. Now!

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4 thoughts on “I couldn’t agree more, Mr Sartre”

  1. “It’s like the Shire out of ‘Lord of the Rings’ (except people are a bit taller)” – well, with one or two exceptions 😉

  2. Good morning Adrian

    I’d like to come and work for you !

    I like the ‘Shire aspect and only live a few miles from your offices to boot. I fancy driving through the sunlight dappled, morning dew speckled Lower Harpenden Road – it is truly beautiful most mornings – especially if you’re driving to a great environment and job you love to do.

    I did send my information via the JobServe website. I do hope you received it ?
    If not, please feel free to contact me at the email address requested.

    By the way, just in case – cabbage juice is a great remedy for ulcers !

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