How (not) to interview


Interviews. We all know the basic rules, don’t we? Arrive on time, do your research, firm handshake and so on. Well, apparently not. Whilst browsing the Times online I found this article with some great examples of what you definitely should not do in an interview. Here are a few of my favourites.

Do not:

* wear a white suit
* admit your girlfriend wrote your CV
* tell the interviewer you’ve only just got out of bed and haven’t had any breakfast
* be arrogant (example given in the article: “In the middle of the questions, he came out with, ‘Come on son, dig deep’. ”)
* ask the interviewer out on a date

But these are just a few, which got me thinking there must be a lot more horror stories out there in the big world of recruitment. So please share – what’s the worst interview blunder you’ve experienced?

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2 thoughts on “How (not) to interview”

  1. As an interviewer, my most unusual encounter was when undertaking aptitude tests for a number of operative training posts in a food manufacturing organisation.

    It was the middle of a very hot summer (remember them?) and the tests were normally taking place in groups in one of the conference rooms, but one girl in her early twenties couldn’t make the group session so I agreed to see her individually in my office.

    She turned up in her company overall, hairnet and hat and sat down to start the tests, but I suggested that she might want to make herself a bit more comfortable and take of her hat and overall.


    I hadn’t realised that, because it was so hot in the factory, the accepted attire under the overall was of a somewhat minimalistic nature, so I spent the next 30 minutes trying to concentrate on other matters and avert my eyes from this lass who was sat at my desk wearing little other than pair of skimpy shorts and a boob tube! Fortunately no-one needed to vistit me during the testing session!

    Suffice it to say that I made sure that she was appropriately dressed before leaving!

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